PT Photo Editor

PT Photo Editor is a powerful and powerful photo editor that allows you to save and edit your photos for better results. Solve common problems with this application such as common problems, low quality, bad color tones, color defects, etc. You can’t just solve photographic problems. But it turns your photos into graphic effects. With advanced software technology, you can quickly and easily edit your photos professionally. Use the color management and 16-bit editing capabilities of this tool to take better images.

PT Photo Editor

PT Photo Editor is a simple photo editor that solves many shooting problems. The smooth interface makes it easy to adjust different colors, eliminates overexposure/overexposure, eliminates red eyes, imperfections, and unwanted objects enhances color tones and image patterns and adjust any photo to match your artwork. Two versions are possible: Global Editing and Regional Editing. The WK module provides advanced user customization tools to create beautiful photos. For example, you can quickly adjust the brightness of an invisible image, change the content, and select a color option to make it brighter.

The Global Correction Module also includes a number of simple image enhancement tools to treat redness, and pimples and eliminate unwanted side effects and other negative techniques. The regional editing module allows you to change the image at any time and apply colors and sound effects to any environment. The Regional Editor module provides many options for customizing the various settings you want to control.

PT Photo Editor

PT Photo Editor Key Features:

  • Easy to use editing tools such as blemish removal, red-eye correction, clone and heal tool;
  • Pro-quality adjustments: white balance, exposure, contrast, clarity, auto-levels, HSL, noise reduction, and more;
  • Easy and smart selective editing way;
  • Full-time 16-bit processing and full-color management for a high-quality result.
  • Powerful but amazing lightweight.

PT Photo Editor 3.2

PT Photo Editor can be edited with one click, making it easy to remove colors, adjust white balance, and restore true photo quality. You can adjust the brightness to solve photo problems. With PT Photo Editor you can find invisible or burned parts of your photos and make the necessary adjustments. You can adjust the color, focus, and color of each color channel to improve the color tone of your images. In addition, there is a simple color change process. These tools help you highlight the colors in your photo, bring details like flowers, mood, and skin color (for photos), and they look their best.

pt photo editor pro

With a rich set of editing tools, PT Photo Editor makes it easy to remove places, restore photos, remove places, remove unwanted content and adjust the frequency. You can improve the image set by cutting the image. PT Photo Editor provides a simple and configurable clone tool to remove unwanted noise or skin imperfections from portraits. You can enhance your photos with beautiful detail with powerful liquid tools like forwarding Warp, Twist, Pucker, Blot, Squeeze, Buge, Push Left, or Twirl. The software can be used to solve lens problems, for example. Ventilation, pot warehousing and injection molding. Intelligent volume reduction tools can even bring out the smallest details of your photos to get clear and concise images. You can also remove old audio and content from low ISO photos in low light.

  • Provides a wide variety of correction tools, visual effects, ts, and editing presets.
  • Allows you to remove chromatic aberrations and lens distortion.
  • Doesn’t let you organize and manage your images.
  • Licensing for multiple computers is not possible.
Key Features:


  • Easy to use editing tools such as blemish removal, red-eye correction, clone and heal tool;
  • Pro-quality adjustments: white balance, exposure, contrast, clarity, auto-levels, hsl, noise reduction and more;
  • One-click effect presets;
  • Easy and smart selective editing way;
  • Supports quick batch processing;
  • Full-time 16-bit processing and full color managed.

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