Picozu is the Easiest Online Photo Editor


Picozu makes it easy to edit photos like a professional with simple editing tools and effects. It’s never been easier to edit photos online. Picozu is the most user-friendly online photo editor. Picozu also offers a wide range of tools to help you cut, paste, draw, erase, and many other functions. You can also create layers. This is all you need to do to edit your photos. You can easily share your work on social media with one click. What are you waiting to do? Let’s get started editing photos now!

What’s Picozu?

Picozu is an online photo editor that’s free. Edit your photos online and share them via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. You can use many editing tools to copy, paste, draw and erase layers. You have all the tools you need to edit photos. Picozu is the right tool for editing photos if you don’t have the skills or time. Picozu makes it easy to cut, paste and draw, erase what you don’t want, and create multiple layers in your photo, just like an online editor.


Quick Overview of The Interface

It is like Photoshop without the restrictions of Photoshop. You can cut, paste and erase. It is user-friendly, unlike Photoshop. To edit your photo, you only need to follow 3 steps. You can either import your photo, add an effect or just edit it as is. Double-click on your photo to add any effects. Click the save button. It works so fast.

picozu editor is an online editor that allows you to edit photos like a professional! Picozu’s interface is similar to Photoshop. Picozu offers a wide range of tools to help you cut, paste, draw, erase and many other functions. You can also create layers. The whole process of editing your photos.

picozu shooter allows you to add filters to any photo. It is an easy-to-use online tool that helps customers with many different tasks related to editing photos online. You can apply a few filters to your photos, such as blurring images or creating patterns. After you have edited your photos, you can upload them to the cloud or add them to Skydrive and Dropbox.

How to Use Picozu

 Picozu is the perfect tool for editing photos like a pro. picozu editor online gives you the tools to transform your photos using powerful online editing techniques. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use. You don’t have to wait! Try Picozu now!

 What can I do on PicuZu?

 PicuZu offers a variety of incredible features for editing your photos. PicuZu allows you to edit your photos in many ways. However, the online editor is not just for amateurs! picozu image editor is also used by professionals.

 How to Edit My Pictures On PicuZu?

Our online editor offers tons of professional tools that will help you achieve what you want. You can even make your photos look like they were shot on an iPhone with plugins such as Instagram-ify Every step of the process is handled by our editors. Our website also features tutorials that show you how to edit your PicuZu photos.

 Upload and Organize Files into Projects on PicuZu

 Picozu’s online editor lets you create layers, so you can save your most-used tools on separate pages. For example, if I use both a red pencil and a circle in conjunction when editing photos, I can drag them into one layer, and then assign it to my red pencil layer. To do so: 1. Start a new project. Click on the Add Layer button. Click on Add Layer.

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