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Notezilla can be described as a powerful Windows program to help you stay in shape and work. It allows you to write great stickers with stickers (like 3M Post-It(r)) and directly on your Windows desktop, providing you with the best stickers. Desktop scripts give users instant access to relevant content!

NoteZilla 9 Overview

With Cloud Sync, you can apply stickers to different computers and open them on any mobile phone with the free app for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, or even send stickers to anyone in the world. This is a well-designed, easy-to-use, and elegant gluing software. Over the past fifteen years, he has gained a worldwide reputation (read user reviews). For ease of use, fonts can be placed on the desktop and even stickers can be packaged into documents or web pages. In addition, you can carefully prepare all documents, organize your documents and keep your office clean and tidy.

NoteZilla download

Notezilla has useful apps and sticker experiences. Allows you to use Notezilla glue on a USB device. This is useful if you use many computers (for example, at work and at home) or if you do not have access to the latest software installed on your computer. Just connect the driver to your computer and open Notezilla on it. You can also transfer the sticker to another computer with a local area network (LAN) or the Internet and mark it as you wish by creating a list of stickers. Lock and encrypt sensitive files, put attractive pages on any sticker, and perform quick searches.


NoteZilla review

Notezilla allows you to quickly create PostItEsq stickers and save them to web pages, documents, folders, and applications. Letters are not just notes, far from it, they have many useful options, including the ability to post reminders for each sticker. Notezilla can also switch between books on different computers using the cloud. Labels can be sent to any computer via a local network or international connection. You can also access stickers from iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

NoteZilla alternative

Attach each piece, or section, or use glitter stitches to outline. You can also modify stickers across different computers (for example, search, create, distribute and modify according to specific instructions. Notezilla was created to meet our writing needs). Take notes and keep track of our daily activities, to-do lists, and weekly reminders. Yes. A scripted application that runs on Windows. Perfect for anniversary payments, other Notezilla payments are never made by Notezilla. It can also be used to paste scripts and files, web pages, and applications or folders. The website, server username settings, servers, and other files require a direct virtual process, this is very easy because the stickers want to appear in the background every time.

NoteZilla Activation Key

In addition, you can add photos to stickers. This includes written tests, which are highly specialized. It comes with all the great features that important software users need. It has a nice interface, easy to use, and user friendly. He also has a very important schedule and how to deal with it. With stickers, you can write down important tasks and then hang the stickers on the table however you want and post them on the site. It also gives you a lot of content to help you create a beautiful, improved interface.

Serial Key:
  • CVUR4-789MN-XDR54-87IJ1
License Key:
  • A341S-6YJ43-BNIUY-67JHG
Product Key:
  • 4FD31-6UKOI-609O1-XFRE5
  • NOIK1-7IPK1-6JHU1-78GTR
Activation Key
  • RT761-4FGE3-1Q4EZ-V65YT
Registration Key:

Key Features:

• Respond spontaneously. Getting the information at the right time is necessary. Notezilla helps one to find your notes very fast.
• Let records come to you. Attach an email that is gluey to a document, website, program, or window.
• The note that is adhesive pops up automatically once you access that particular document/website.
• Flexibility + Convenience. The benefit of sticky records is that they may use as tasks, reminders, to-dos, or memos without the complexity.
• Eliminate confusion. Send documents that are sticky folders to avoid the mess on your desktop.
• Assign tasks to others. Send notes which are gluey task reminders to virtually any contact via the Notezilla.Net cloud solution.
• Just take the worries out. Set flexible reminders to sticky notes. Let the planned program only take control and remind you about your items to do.
• Fun to make use of. The benefit of these notes is that are sticky in various colors and skins.
• Save plenty of cash. Regular 3M Post-It notes are very costly.
• Synchronize. Sync records that are sticky in the Notezilla.Net cloud solution.
• Keep computer systems that are many syncs.



  • Desktop sticky notes.
  • Attach sticky notes to docs and websites.
  • Sync sticky notes between computers.
  • Access sticky notes from mobile devices.
  • Assign tags to sticky notes.
  • Insert pictures inside sticky notes.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.

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